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Located on the well-known Dongshan Beach of the Bohai Bay, next to the famous scenic spot of the Emperor Qin sailed for immortal, the Qinhuangdao Sea View Hotel is definitely the superior destination for you to relax yourself with the unique sea view. For its outstanding services, the hotel is appointed as the official accommodation hotel during the 2008 Olympic Games. 

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Pleasant afternoon - sea view and afternoon tea

In the warm sunny slanting the afternoon of the window, steal the floating half-day busy wonderful, enjoy the mellow tea and cream puff, roasted roasted roasted roasted bread with smoked salmon, exquisite seasonal fruit tower taste buds Moisturizing, how good is this? If the table is still sitting opposite a chat, talk about the heart of the confidant or love, then what is the wonderful thing? Then choose a leisurely afternoon it, to the sea view hotel to enjoy the star service and the environment, and from Shanghai chefs food art, and love people feel this "double afternoon tea package" charm ... ...

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